14 Jun Tips for hiring the disabled, and a tip on getting hired for the disabled

I found a decent article in Forbes about hiring the disabled. Take a look here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/gaudianohunt/2017/06/12/workplace-disability-tips/#46c338c34df4 I found it to be solid, practical advice.

My tip to the disabled on getting hired: don’t. Start your own, whatever it is. OK, this tip doesn’t work for everyone, but hear me out. No employer is going to be able to customize a job to your unique abilities, strengths, needs, and schedule like you can for yourself. In a world of consultants, bloggers, YouTube stars, public speakers, online T-shirt design/sales, self-published books (I’m just spitballing here), you have to be open to ‘outside-the-box’ thinking. And remember, no one will take care of you like you can.