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Brian was a guest speaker in my Social Problems class at Fullerton College during the Spring 2014 semester.  I thoroughly enjoyed his talk and sense of humor.  It was very motivating to see someone with a disability such as Brian’s, have such a sense of humor not only about his disability, but life in general.  He is such a positive person and he spoke with such candor, that it was possible to “see things” through his eyes.  While his life has not always been “sunshine and roses,” he has made the best possible life out his circumstances.  I know many able bodied people who have not done as well as he has or had the positive outlook that he has.  Very inspirational and educational.  – Charlene Egizi, Fullerton College

Brian relates his life story with humor, passion, and an eye for inspiring you to overcome the absurdities that you let get in your way.

Thanks again for your talk, it definitely left a mark on my husband and I. Those were very encouraging words and something we won’t ever forget.  –  Kirsten and Matt Deibel, Marshall Reddick Real Estate

Your sense of humor and bubbly personality made your presentation very enjoyable! – Anonymous, Fullerton College

Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Success

I loved class tonight. Thank you Professor Lisa Mayes Gaetje for giving our class the privilege to hear your amazing guest speaker. He came to our class on the perfect night and was an eye opener, to say the least. If someone with a disability can have such a positive outlook on life, there is no excuse for someone like me to get frustrated over the little things that don’t really matter. He is a true inspiration. – Jerrica Falzone


You’ll realize that attitude is everything – that the best tool you have at your disposal for controlling the quality of your life is between your ears.

Brian’s spirit and optimism are an inspiration! His talk was candid, informative, and very funny, and we came away feeling uplifted. I know I will always feel much more comfortable around disabled people than I did before meeting Brian. – Sonia Gonzalez, Mira Costa College

Being born with a disability that severely limits the use of his extremities hasn’t slowed Brian down, or dampened his spirit.

Brian’s ability to be comfortable talking about his disability creates a very comfortable environment that allows the audience to forget that he even has a disability.  –  Jan Dykhouse, Marshall Reddick Real Estate


Great speech, and very inspiring. I could listen to Brian all day. – Gabriel Mendez, Fullerton College


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