18 Jan RIP Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey passed today. I saw Glenn Frey in concert at the Del Mar Fair in the mid 80’s with my friend Joe Eberwein. At that time, you got into the concert for free with admission to the Fair, so you’d get people there who had no idea who they were seeing. We were literally surrounded by little old ladies who we overheard saying, “do you know who this is?”, and the response, “I think I heard someone say he’s with The Beatles” (we set them straight that it was The Eagles, not The Beatles), and a family with little kids. So Glenn Frey plays three or four songs and finally looks out into the grandstand seating and says, “I see a lot of empty seats out there…must be a lot of people giving head”. There was a blur of activity around us as parents yanked their kids out of their seats and little old ladies moved faster towards exits than they’d probably moved in years. Joe & I laughed until we truly hurt. RIP Glenn Frey…you left behind some great music, gave me one of the heartiest laughs I’ve ever had, and taught me an important lesson…know your audience.