08 Jan Invisalign after 1 month

InvisalignOK, please ignore the crazy look and focus on how clear the ‘braces’ are.

Got my Invisalign trays a month ago, so today I had my first follow-up appointment. They put on ‘attachments’ (little nubby bumps glued to my teeth) to help the trays yank my teeth around. They put on 21 of these little buggers! My mouth feels like it’s full of rough gravel, not teeth! At least they’re fairly clear.

These things are oh sooo fun (in case the sarcasm isn’t evident, yeah, I’m dripping with it). We wrestle to get the trays out of my mouth before every meal (where does all that drool come from?! OMG, get a mop!), and I feel like I brush my teeth 47 times a day. This wouldn’t be a big deal…if I could do this stuff for myself! But no, I’ve gotta get the folks around me to dig these things outta my face. My Mom is a saint!

Only 15 months left!

Not sure what I expect when this is done. No amount of straighter, whiter teeth is going to make people mistake me for Brad Pitt. You can only polish a turd so much. Hmmm, shoulda thought of that a few months ago. 😉

I’m actually really looking forward to having this finished.