07 Apr Intuition saves the day

Freaky occurrence of the day (yesterday): I was in the car with my Mom yesterday in downtown SD (going to what turned out to be a really bad baseball game…but that isn’t the point here), and we’re stopped at a red light where all the streets are one-way (traffic crossing from our right). As our light turned green a thought pops into my head, “running a red light”. I glanced right to see a BMW in the 2nd lane coming at us, fast. I shouted “STOPSTOPSTOP!!!”, and without hesitation or assessing the situation, Mom locked up the brakes. The BMW went through the intersection doing at least 40MPH, and the driver never flinched, never touched her brakes. She missed us by no more than 6 inches. We would’ve gotten t-boned if I hadn’t had that thought, which made me look to the right.

We didn’t talk about it until we found a parking spot, when Mom said, “remind me to clean the shit I just let out of the car when we get back”.