19 Jun important decisions

My Mom was watching Ellen Degeneres’ show this afternoon, and there was a girl with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, #AMC, (the same disability I was born with) on the show. Only her legs were impacted by it, so she had them removed(!). Said she broke the legs off her Barbie doll and thought what was left looked fine. She’s going with the high-tech prosthetic legs that are now available, and she’s doing great. I have close friends (you know who you are, you ghouls) who have been pushing me to do the same. Man, lopping off semi-functioning limbs in the hopes that prosthetics end up being better…it’s a big leap. Then, which (if any) limbs to try it with. Obviously, arms are more ‘functional’ than legs. In general, I’m in very little pain, but what pain I have is always in my legs/feet (braces always beat you up, no matter how good they are), and the few health issues I’ve had have been from sores/infections on my feet and legs. So doing the legs would get rid of any pain and health issues I’ve had, and would allow me to walk (which I already do!), but hopefully better. Doing the arms has more upside (opposable thumbs…yay!), but I could lose the (limited) function that I have now.