12 Apr Good timing…

A story of financial serendipity: I’m visiting a friend in Phoenix next weekend. I’m going mostly because of the friend, but it’s no accident that the #Padres are in town at the same time. 😉

So I’m scouring the #Diamondbacks website yesterday for ADA accessible seating, and I find that they have one row of seats all the way around the stadium at the top of the Field Level. I find out from their staff that, as is very common, you can’t see the scoreboard from the seats because of the 2nd deck overhang. Meh.

While talking to their staff I jump on StubHub and find (very pricey) seats that are listed as accessible. I ask their ticket rep to confirm that they’re accessible, and he says, “oh, that’s the owner’s box(!!), yeah, they’re accessible.” Like I said, they aren’t cheap. I’m debating buying them. The rep gets really quiet, trying not to be heard by his co-workers, “listen, I can’t tell you to spend that much money, and I’m not supposed to recommend tickets on StubHub,, but if you can, buy them. Best seats in the house, full food service, you’ll be talking to the guys in the Padres’ on-deck circle and the manager will be 5 feet away from you.”

Well, shit, I kinda hafta do this, right?! Plus, my friend is recovering from eye-surgery so her vision isn’t the best, so really, this is the only way she can really see the game (hang with me here, I’m rationalizing the expense!). So, I bought the seats yesterday.

An insurance carrier that I work with had some sort of broker promotion that I didn’t even know about during the first quarter. Today I got an unexpected bonus check…for $1 more than I spent on the seats(!). Yes!!! Meant to be! 😉