03 Nov Corporate on-hold hell

I got to spend the morning on the phone with Verizon’s fraud department. I woke up to a series of texts and emails about my new services, phone lines, and international calls. Turns out, someone hacked my Verizon web account, setup cheap flip phone lines, and started calling Jamaica and New Zealand. Verizon told me that these have been very common in CA lately, and they almost always use the new lines to call Jamaica.

In a completely unrelated incident (hopefully), I spent a good chunk of the afternoon on the phone with Citibank.  Yesterday I deposited a check from my business account into my personal account to do fun things with, like pay the bills. Today, I see that there’s no new money in my personal account. The teller had somehow managed to deposit the funds into the same account that the check was drawn from, setting up an infinite loop of debit/credit in the account. It took over 40 minutes for them to wrap their brains around what had happened and fix it, and they were fairly mortified and very apologetic.

These calls were in addition to my typical daily slew of calls to insurance carriers like Anthem, Blue Shield, Kaiser, and CoveredCA, on behalf of clients. I swear, if I hear one more note of Muzak, or hear how ‘important my call’ is (while they keep not answering my call!), I’m gonna explode!