15 Apr Celebrity Chef Duel

Last month I ate at Gordon Ramsay’s Pub in Las Vegas. Today I ate at Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill in Los Angeles, I have to say, the Hell’s Kitchen guy won hands down.

Gordon Ramsay’s Pub was very good, start to finish. A simple chicken breast pesto sandwhich and fries…quite good. Beer-braised short ribs on a bed of risotto…excellent.

Wolfgang Puck’s Bar & Grill was similarly good, with one notable exception. Calamari appetizer, and my Chicken Caeser…both quite good. But my friend ordered the macaroni and cheese, but when we got it, it was only cheese! Seriously, after fishing through it we found one piece of macaroni! The waiter took it back to the kitchen, but then told us that the whole batch was like that. This implies that the food is either made somewhere else or at a minimum sometime earlier in the day, and all they’re doing is heating it up. Not impressive Wolfgang! Yes, they gave us a free dessert, which was excellent, but still, make your own food at each location.