08 Sep A Paper-Shorts Kind of Day Today

Working from home today, no meetings, and 90 degrees at the coast. Yep, it’s a paper shorts kind of day! I don’t own ‘real’ shorts (I look absolutely ridiculous in them – obviously!).

My mom: Do you ever feel, you know, self-conscious?
Me: No.
Mom: Embarrassed?
Me: No. Why? Should I?

I guess I truly have no filter sometimes.

And yes, those are truly paper shorts. Got them at the orthotics place that makes my leg braces. Every 7-8 years I get new braces, and I happened to get my recent set 2 weeks ago. They have us walk around (in paper shorts, so we aren’t in our skivvies) in the building so we can feel if there are pressure spots and they can watch for rubbing, so they can make adjustments. And yes, it’s a weird scene, all these disabled folks in paper shorts walking around the hallways and in the parking lot.